Intelligent Framework for Resilient Design

Inference Tools

Currently, InFraReD offers two deep learning models for microclimate urban analysis, with many more to come.

When compared to conventional simulation methods, the InFraReD platform leverages state of the art neural networks to increase the speed of these simulations by several orders of magnitude.

Play with the tools below!

Wind Comfort

Trained on computational fluid dynamics simulations.

Solar Radiation

Trained on solar radiation simulations in Vienna.

More to come...

City Intelligence Lab

The CIL’s aim is to imbue greater intelligence in the urban development and planning industry of the future. Since its creation, the CIL has been an incubator for the co-creation of AI-driven urban analysis and decision making solutions.

Urban resilience, generative urban design, environmental simulation and prediction, and collaborative as well as participatory design, are the fields in which the CIL is contributing state of the art research.